Kids Martial Arts

Providing Kids with Tools for Learning, Growth & Self-Empowement


Join us at Kaizen Dojo and give your child an exciting way to empower him or herself through our powerful martial arts and self-defense training programs. 

Our Kids Martial Arts Program Instills A Wide Range of Life Skills


Our Programs Teach How To:

     * Set Boundaries
     * Stand Up For Themselves Verbally 
     * Defend Themselves, If Necessary 
     * Be More Aware Of Their Surroundings 
     * Develop Focus and Self-Control
     * Be More Confident
     * Be More Calm 
     * Be Respectful To Others
     * Be Safer
     * Develop A Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong Spirit


Online and In-Person instruction available.

Suitable for kids age 5+ and all abilities.  

Our programs are secular and available to charter schools.


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Tuition, Rates and Registration Fee

Group Instruction Classes:  $149.00 Monthly Tuition

Private Instruction Rate:  $140.00 Hour, $75.00 Half-Hour

One Time Registration Fee:  $75.00, includes karate gi (uniform)



Engaging Online Classes Available Now!



Take on our exciting Martial Arts training in Torrance.

We are proud to work with all ages and abilities, offering professional instruction and a dedication to you!

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  • (424) 261-4555

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