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Kaizen Dojo strives to t​each people effective, efficient, and easily executed skills with which they can empower themselves.  To engage with and enrich the lives of our community through martial arts, our actions, and commitment to service everyday.


We value the intersection of traditional martial arts values such as respect, humility, self-discipline, and self-control with modern-day self-defense training methods and strategies. Our dojo offers a combination of the two and helps you accomplish incredible things in just a short period of time.


​We pledge to provide you with a safe and supportive environment every time you come through our doors. At Kaizen Dojo, you don't have to worry about egos and intimidation. Our classes are perfect for everyone in Torrance and beyond.






















Brett N.

 "​Kaizen dojo and Sensei William Ford are the absolute best! My oldest son started going there as a very shy boy and was very hesitant to even start. Sensei Ford was very compassionate and understanding and told us not to worry and he can come and observe the classes until he feels ready; until then, not to worry. Fast forward three years, and my young man now has a lot of confidence, is respectful and listens well, and has earned his tiger stripe (orange and black) belt, in part due to this wonderful Sensei. Sensei Ford is an excellent teacher in not just martial arts, but also important life lessons, and is a great instructor and role model for the community. He is engaging, listens to and cares for his students, while maintaining discipline and making sure the kids always get a good lesson and workout at the same time.

Since then, our middle boy has started karate right before the pandemic, however even through the shut down order is still able to participate through Sensei's innovative Zoom virtual classes. Whoever thought karate could still be so fun and comprehensive from home? Even with the reopening of businesses, Sensei is going double time and providing a safe, social distant reopening with the proper social guidelines, while still offering the online zoom classes for those who are hesitant due to COVID concerns. Just shows another facet of his dedication and consideration for others.

All in all, please support this great dojo and asset to the community."


Tom M.

 "My very first review of this dojo was submitted on 12/23/2013. Almost 6 years later, I now have both of my sons (7 and 10) doing karate, and wanted to provide an updated review.

I want to begin by saying both my sons have autism, and one has ADHD in addition. My 7yo's autism is more severe so I have him doing only private classes with Sensei Ford. My 10yo is higher functioning and doing just fine in the group classes.

I initially enrolled my now 10yo in karate because of the potential positive benefits for his disability. I was able to observe one class to get a feel of the instructor and the class structure and immediately enrolled my son after the observation.

I saw that Sensei Ford has a natural gift in working with children. I really love how he has merged the traditional roots with practical updates from multiple disciplines.

The other update I wanted to provide is that his wife recently began offering private classes on meditation for kids in conjunction with the Kaizen dojo. I jumped at this opportunity because as mentioned previously, one of my kids has both autism and ADHD. I personally got to see the powerful impact of meditation on my son, and would recommend any other parents to try if open to it.

All in all, I'd like to close by saying I am so grateful to have run into such an incredible martial arts school led by a very humble and down-to-earth instructor."


Tony Y.

"​Kaizen Dojo is not your normal Karate Dojo. It is a way of life. My kid has been coming here for over 5 years and not only Sensei Ford teaches karate, but also focus on the fundamental techniques. He teaches the kids how to dodge, block, and even run away when facing bigger opponents. Our family really loves how Sensei Ford explains how the techniques are being used against the opponents., there is always a reason behind it, not just for show, that's why I stressed in the beginning, the fundamentals are really important because everything is built upon the fundamental techniques. Since the COVID hits, the DOJO has been closed, however, there are virtual classes available for both kids and adults. The new class adult kickboxing in the evening is so much fun and Sensei Ford is with us every step of the way. He is leading by example, he is doing the exercises with the whole class. I am not a GYM person, I hate to workout, I hate squat, but Sensei Ford made it fun. I can't believe I am saying this, but I do see results little by little and I actually enjoy it very much. When I started the class, I can only do 10-15 squats, and I can't move for a whole week. Now I can do 50.... Yes....50.... and still be able to move the next day. My wife started with 1 push up, now she can do 50. I call that IMPROVEMENT. LOL.... No wonder people say practice makes perfect. The easiest way is for you to try it yourself!!!!"


Kay H.

"I am so happy that my family and I found the Kaizen Dojo. It is a special place with great energy. Sensei Ford and Sensei Rich are exceptional with the kids. They have an amazing way of knowing what each individual child needs and tailoring their instruction to fit that need without being ovvious about it. The classes are taught with patience, encouragement and humor. At any of the children's classes, you will find the kids laughing, having fun and learning at the same time. I believe that under Sensei Ford and Sensei Rich's instruction, the kids are not only taught great karate skills, they are shown how to become better people."


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