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Sensei William Christopher Ford

Sensei William Christopher Ford is the Chief Instructor at Kaizen Dojo in Torrance, CA.


Sensei Ford began his lifelong study of martial arts in 1974 at the age of 7 (at the urging of his mother who is from Japan) in the Okinawan art of Shorin Ryu Karate-Do (Kobayashi Ryu) under the late Sensei Richard Rabago.  He was tested for and was promoted to black belt at the age of 13 by Master Tadashi Yamashita, but only after he had failed the test on his first attempt months earlier.  The take-away for him from this experience was to never give up and always do your best.  Since then, he has never looked back and continues his martial arts journey to this day.


Sensei Ford is highly regarded for his warmth, patience, open-mindedness, high energy, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and dynamic teaching style. 

"I look forward to our journey of growth and continual improvement together.  Strength and Honor. Infinite Peace, Love, Respect & Gratitude."        -William Christopher Ford

Sensei Rich Cancino

Sensei Rich started his martial arts training in 1974 in Judo at the Long Beach Naval Base.  Shortly afterward he began training in the arts of Tang Soo Do and Kenpo under Ceasar Lomibao and Chris Bada.  From 1980-1983 he studied a the world famous Filipino Kali Academy which was owned and operated by Bruce Lee's protege Guro Dan Inosanto.  Here he received instruction from Inosanto, Sifu Richard Bustillo, Alfonso Tamez and Cameron Rico (with whom he has recently resumed training).  In recent years, he added Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to his martial arts tool box as studied for a brief while at Let's Roll Jiu Jitsu with Glenn and Jocelyn Chang.  


Sensei Rich was promoted to Shodan (1st level black belt) in Shorin Ryu karate by Sensei Ford in Feb 2015.  His assistance with the children's classes is invaluable to the dojo.  He is great with the kids and they always look forward to learning from him, sharing laughs or discussing (or debating) Sensei Rich's beloved LA Lakers with him.



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